See The Foo Fighters Tour 2015

Now is your chance to see one of the most popular rock ‘n roll bands in the world today! The foo fighters tour 2015 is currently underway. They will be playing dates all the way until November 19, 2015. So you have until then to see them play one of their shows. If you’re interested in getting tickets to see them perform we have a list of every show that they have scheduled all the way until their finale right below here.

The band just released a new album called sonic highways, and the name of their concerts is aptly titled the sonic highways world tour. There will be several firsts for the band on this latest trek across the globe. For instance this is going to be the first time that the band has played live in South Korea, Columbia, or South Africa. The global popularity of these guys is truly on the rise.

It was almost a year ago on December 10, 2014 that they kicked off their brand-new tour. The first show they played was in Cape Town South Africa, after that date they played a bunch of shows in South America, then finally hit up North America, Europe, and different parts of Asia. This is truly a worldwide extravaganza. They are pretty much touching down on every continent on earth.

They had a bit of a scare initially, and it looked like they might have to call off a ton of concerts. When they were performing in Sweden back in June, Dave Grohl, who if you don’t know is the lead singer of the band, took a tumble off the stage and broke his leg. Being the power rock star that he is though, he got put in a wheelchair and finished the show. Unfortunately, due to his broken leg, the rest of the shows that were planned for Europe had to be canceled. This cost the band a ton of money and lost touring expenses. This didn’t slow down the foo fighters tour at all though! They still kept on rock and and are continuing to put on amazing shows after day was able to get his leg back to 100%.

They have had tons of superstar guests join them during the sonic highways shows. Some of the stars that they have brought up on stage with them include members of rage against the machine, the red hot chili peppers, the second round band, and we may even get to see Kanye West and Paul McCartney take the stage with the foo fighters. It’s just a rumor at this point though. With all of these stars, and the huge amount of shows that they still have yet to play, and knows which other celebrity singers will be making cameos with the band.

This string of concerts has 10 legs in total. With most of the shows taking place in North America. After the North American shows, the second highest amount of dates is in Europe. After that, the rest of the country’s only get a handful of shows a piece. This goes to show you that the foo fighters main market is still in North America where they were born and raised, and where they initially gained popularity. Now is an excellent time to purchase tickets to see the show, we have all the dates listed right above.